Take 5

Well, this is the 5th iteration of my personal website, somehow I’m just never satisfied.. but hopefully this one will tide me over for a while. I started fresh because I wanted a clean slate and lots of things have been changing in my career so most of the info on my previous site is obsolete. To get a better overview of my background, check out the About page.

I started creating my personal website back in March 2007 because I thought it would be a good learning experience and an important step in crafting my online identity. Back then it was just static HTML, but since then it has gone through a lot of changes and so have I. I wanted to start a blog to share my thoughts and ramblings about Business, Information, Technology, and my experiences. Hopefully I improve my writing skills and maybe I’ll even write something that’s useful to someone (eventually).

Feel free to reach out and Contact me if you have questions.